Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

What we do

The Undergraduate and Graduate Programs (UGP) group pursues ideas aimed at improving science education in the U.S. We invest in institutions including colleges, universities, and other organizations, and award grants and fellowships to faculty and students. Our programs are centered on inclusion, with the understanding that faculty, staff, and administrators are responsible for creating equitable learning environments that support all students.  Equity results in inclusion, and inclusion makes real the power of diversity.

We want all students — particularly those who have historically been excluded or underrepresented — to feel that they belong and can succeed in science. This is inclusive diversity.

Our primary programs are below.


What we value

We believe that a diverse group of problem solvers is better positioned to find innovative solutions to complex challenges in science. The more difficult the problem, the greater the benefit of diversity in finding the solution.

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Who we are

We, the UGP team, are a diverse group who bring to our work our individual values and lenses, with openness, mutual respect, and a willingness to challenge assumptions. We are committed to a higher education science ecosystem in which inclusive excellence is foundational.

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